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About TNS
  • TNS Saudi, security company was founded in 2003, classified and rated with ( A ) standard, according to the civil security companies classification by the ministry of interior
  • TNS Saudi offers its security & safety services along the geographical boundaries of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia surpassing the barrier of a thousand miles to cover the scope of service to 14 cities and more than 200 counties and migration .
  • TNS Saudi is the ideal security partner for all government and private sectors, for it's advanced security technology and high-fidelity operational systems , under the supervision of a specialized team consisting of experts, specialists and academics .
  • TNS Saudi in a short period managed to locate a prominent place for itself among the many service providers to become the most prominent and distinguished through its services in accordance with the quality standards .
  • TNS Saudi under the slogan innovate, develop and monitor the level of performance to go beyond the expectations of our customers and to sapre them unexpected risk and financial burdens under the slogan :  ( with TNS ... Security makes sense ).





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